“Grade A property, prime location”

With experience over 15 years of expertise, Global Encore Holdings Limited is number one in Real Estate. And continuously gain satisfaction from customers. Because we are the leader in buying – selling – rental of all real estate forms, fully integrated in every dimension. And we don’t stop develop the quality as well as providing services, in order to support and meet all the needs of every customer with Grade A Real Estate on the potential location. For this reason, we have gained confidence from various investors. Especially foreigners, because Real Estate in every location is under our administration through the process of Screening, Thinking, Analysis and Evaluated with expert experience. This is Global Encore Holdings, who will help you make every decision easier than before.


           From the quality of service that is accepted within the country. We expand our service capabilities with affiliates under the name  GNC COMPANY LIMITED to Singapore as well as stepping up to be a leading company in foreign countries that provides comprehensive Real Estate services not only that. We also have AP MANAGMENT COMPANY LIMITED, which is another subsidiary company that specializes and provides services of Hotel management with professional management team that has grown steadily to dominate the hotel management market in Thailand and abroad.

We are ready to serve every decision.

          “When the Time passed, Property is worth more. However more than money is the Mental Value, We emphasize every detail of all types of Real Estate before sending to all customers as it is ours. We determination that “Your best real estate, is our best real estate.”